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WE ARE SunRise

Company Profile

SunRise is a dynamic IT company focused on software development and consulting services with good references in the market. The company has been founded in 2017 by a core team of IT specialists and has its headquarters in Sandton, one of the oldest, largest, best connected and most intercultural African city in the heart of Johannesburg. SunRise Consult stands out through its unique team of strongly motivated and highly skilled technical and software engineering specialists, as well a mature and well-designed IT outsourcing business culture.

Why Sunrise?

SunRise consult services stand on the following pillars

  • We initiate projects fast
  • Well-defined SDLC, tailored to customer requests
  • Customer-centred project management
  • Efficient communication
  • Team: cohesion, experience, company culture, and harmony.

We are Agile

SunRise follow an agile development approach where we involve our clients early, opposed to the traditional waterfall approach. During the iterative development process we work closely together with you, provide prototypes early and include your feedback while your custom software product evolves.

SunRise TEAM

We are group of individuals from diversified back grounds.We carry 75 plus years of cumulative experience in the field of Information Technology working with industries such as Banking,Telecom,Aviation,Logistics,E-commerce,Internet,Social Networking. We are specilized in Information Technology tools/technologies such as Oracle,Microsoft,SAP,IBM,Cloud Services,Testing tools,Sales Force,Issue Management,Enterpirse Service Bus,Network Protocols and data security,Continuous integration tools,build and deployment,Version Conrol,Content Managment Systems.



Custom Software Development

Our software experts develop your custom software, tailored to your specific needs. All rights (Intellectual Property) are handed over to you. No licence fees occur as it is YOUR very own propriety software.

Cloud Computing

The Cloud has been one of many IT buzzwords. Nowadays, everything seems to be up in the cloud. However, some, more traditional-minded people seem to be against it. They think it is not secure enough and the data is taken out of their hands.

UX Design

Our experts design and develop responsive applications that support both andriod and applce devices.

Andriod App Development

We develop andriod mobile apps for businesses that require a robust solution.We use our software development expertise gained over 15 years on enterprise-level for your mobile application projects.

Apple App Development

We develop Apple mobile apps for businesses that require a robust solution.We use our software development expertise gained over 15 years on enterprise-level for your apple mobile application projects.

Modernization of Legacy Applications

For many businesses, legacy systems form the backbone of their operations and have been in place for decades. But with the current pace of technology, these old systems are starting to show their age. A legacy system can significantly slow down your business with outdated interfaces and they are often too inflexible in an environment where workplaces employ many different software platforms.



We are located in the heart of Johannesburg,South Africa .


C101 Rosewalk Gardens Rosewalk Street Parkmore Sandton 2196